Why is My Fridge Making Strange Noises? A Guide to Refrigerator Sounds

If you’ve ever been in your kitchen and suddenly heard strange noises coming from your fridge, you know how alarming it can be. While some noises are perfectly normal, others could indicate a problem. Let’s look at some of the most common refrigerator sounds and what they mean.


A Humming Sound

One of the most common sounds you might hear coming from your fridge is a humming noise. This is typically caused by the compressor, which is responsible for keeping your fridge cold. As long as the humming is not too loud or persistent, it’s likely nothing to worry about. If you’re concerned, contact a reliable appliance repair company.

Popping or Cracking Noises

Another common fridge sound is a popping or cracking noise. The fridge’s cooling system usually causes this as it expands and contracts with temperature changes. Again, this is usually nothing to worry about. However, if you hear a loud banging or clunking noise, this could indicate a more serious problem. A loud clunk sound might be caused by a loose or broken part inside the fridge, such as a fan blade or motor. Call an appliance repair company right away.

Hissing or Sizzling

If you hear a hissing or sizzling noise coming from your fridge, this could signal a refrigerant leak. A refrigerant leak is a serious issue and should be addressed immediately by a professional.

Always Call the Pros

If you’re ever unsure about a sound coming from your fridge, it’s always best to safe than sorry by calling a professional. Attempting to fix a fridge issue yourself can be dangerous and potentially cause further damage to your appliance. Luckily, Express Appliance Service is always ready to help. Give us a call for all your fridge repair needs!