Why You Shouldn’t Delay Fixing Your Oven

Your oven is an important part of your kitchen and your home. You use it to prepare meals, bake cookies, and heat up leftovers. So, it can be extremely frustrating when your oven stops working the way it should. It may even be tempting to continue using your oven, even if you know something’s wrong. But the truth is, you should always call a professional appliance repair company at the first sign of an oven problem. Never use a malfunctioning oven – it could be dangerous.


Cracked Oven Doors are Dangerous

If there is a crack in the glass door of your oven, do not turn it on. When the integrity of the glass is compromised, like with a crack or chip, heat can put further stress on it. The build-up of pressure can cause the glass to shatter or even explode. Glass oven doors should be replaced right away. NEVER use an oven with a cracked glass door.

Your Oven Could Overheat

If your meals suddenly burn every time you cook, there’s most likely a serious problem with your oven. It could be either your temperature sensor or the heating element itself. It’s unsafe to continue using your oven if you can’t control the temperature. Call a repair company right away.

Gas Ovens Need Professional Repair

If you have a gas-powered oven, it is even more critical to use it only when it’s working correctly. Gas leaks are hazardous and can be disastrous. If you smell a natural gas leak anywhere in your home, leave and call the gas company immediately. If you’re having issues with the pilot light of your oven or the burners are not lit properly, discontinue use and call an appliance repair company immediately.


Don’t delay fixing your oven. Call Express Appliance Service today!