Common Ways People Misuse Their Appliances

There are many ways appliance owners are misusing them without even knowing it. Here are some common errors.


Using The Oven’s Warming Drawer For Storage

You might see the warming drawer in your oven and think, “Oh, what a great place to store all my pots and pans.” But the warming drawer is not a storage space—it’s meant to be used for warming plates, keeping food warm while you finish cooking, or even proofing bread. Storing items in there, especially ones that aren’t heat resistant can cause damage to the items and the oven itself.

Using The Dishwasher With The Wrong Settings

For example, if you put something like plastic Tupperware in the dishwasher with heated dry, it could melt the plastic. This type of mistake can potentially damage the dishwasher itself. Another common mistake is overfilling it. If there’s too much stuff in there, water won’t be able to reach everything, and some things won’t come out clean. The best bet is only to run it when it’s adequately full but not over filled—there should be plenty of space for water to reach all the surfaces of your dishes.

Using The Wrong Temperature Settings on Crisper Drawers

Your refrigerator’s crisper drawers have separate temperature settings on them, which is great if you’re trying to keep certain foods fresh for as long as possible. Most people don’t know how to adjust the settings or what they should be set at. Ensure high humidity settings on leafy greens and low humidity for thick skins or peels like apples and carrots.

Over-Dry Clothes In Dryer

Over-dried clothes can come out of the dryer full of wrinkles and shrink. This is because the heat from the dryer draws out all of the moisture from the clothing fibers. When this happens, your clothing is also left stiff and very wrinkled. Some fabrics such as cotton and denim will be especially prone to developing wrinkles when over-dried in this way. To avoid this, make sure that lighter materials are always dried on lower heat settings while heavier fabrics can be dried on higher settings.

Improperly Using A Washing Machine

Here are some common ways people misuse their washing machines:

  • Doing too many loads at once
  • Using the wrong water temperature
  • Over-Filling It
  • Not cleaning it regularly
  • Leaving wet items in the machine for too long


Keep these precautions into mind when using your appliances at home. For any repair needs, give us a call!