Five Simple Ways to Maintain Your Appliance

Have you ever wondered how to properly care for and extend the life of your appliances? You are not alone! Appliances can be costly to replace, so it is important to properly maintain them. By taking care of your appliance correctly, you can extend its life. The following are five tips for extending the life of your appliances:


Consult the Manual

While we frequently disregard the manual when setting up new appliances, these guides can provide critical information about how to care for your appliances properly. If you’ve misplaced your appliance’s manual, the majority of manufacturer websites will have downloadable PDFs available online.

Regularly Clean Your Appliances

The majority of appliances require routine cleaning and maintenance to perform optimally. For instance, after each use of your dryer, clean the lint trap and wipe down the interior with a damp cloth before reusing it. Additionally, you should vacuum beneath and behind your refrigerator every six months to ensure that dust does not accumulate around the coils in the back. Cleaning on a regular basis will assist in preventing future problems.

Test All Features

Before using a new appliance, take the time to test every feature you may eventually use. For example, if you’ve purchased a new washing machine, try to test out the different settings. This helps ensure that all parts are working correctly from the start. You should also do this every so often to ensure the features are all working as expected.

Do Not Overload Your Appliances

Whether it’s your dishwasher or dryer, overloading can lead to less-than-satisfactory results. This goes for all major appliances like your oven, washer, dryer, fridge, dishwasher, etc.

Allow Professionals to Handle It

Even if you take excellent care of your appliances, they will require a repair or replacement at some point. When it comes to repairs, leave it to the professionals.


With proper care and maintenance, your appliances will last longer, perform more efficiently, and ultimately save you money. While breakdowns are inevitable, you can prolong its lifespan with some timely repairs that are completed by Express Appliance!