Filtered Water in Your Fridge: How Clean Is It?

If you own a refrigerator with a filtered water dispenser, you probably use it for drinking water more often than your tap. Refrigerator water filters have become just as common in American kitchens as toasters and dishwashers, for a good reason. They’re convenient! So convenient that it’s easy to forget they do need some maintenance and cleaning every so often. A neglected fridge water filter can lead to some nasty water conditions. Not only that, but fridge filters aren’t exactly highly rated. Read on to learn more.


Micron Ratings

A refrigerator water filter’s ability to purify water is measured in microns. The lower the micron rating, the better it can capture tiny particles that contaminate water. Fridge filters usually use carbon and have an average rating of 20 microns. This rating is generally much higher than faucet or standalone water filtration systems. A popular Brita water filter pitcher, for example, has a micron rating between 1 and 3. So if you’re using a fridge filter to purify your drinking water, it may not be as pure as you think.

Sneaky Bacteria Particles

Studies have shown that dangerous bacteria particles like salmonella and coliform can make their past refrigerator filters. A 20-micron rating isn’t enough to stop these pesky bacteria from making you or your family members sick. However, if your tap water already goes through a rigorous filter system through your city – like a reverse osmosis process – fridge water would be enough to keep your drinking water clean. The trick is, a fridge filter gives you the illusion of clean water when it may not be.

Water Testing

If you’re not sure how clean your water is coming from your fridge filter, test it. This test can easily be done with an inexpensive water tester. If it’s not meeting your standards for clarity, consider either getting a whole house water filtration system or upgrading your fridge filter.

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