How to Clean Your Fridge

Your refrigerator stores the food that you and your family eat daily. But how clean is it? Cleaning your fridge should be part of your regular cleaning routine. It’s essential to ensure your food is safe to eat. Cleaning your fridge regularly will also help keep track of the fresh food you have available, so you’re more likely to use it up before it goes bad. Here’s how to clean your fridge.


Go Through Your Food Before Every Shopping Trip

A good rule of thumb to help keep your refrigerator clean is to throw away old, spoiled food before placing fresh food in. Every time you go grocery shopping, take a few minutes beforehand to throw out any spoiled or expired items. This tip will also help write your grocery list and prevent over-buying. Be sure to label your leftovers with dates, so you know when they need to be thrown out.

Clean Your Shelves

Most fridge models have removable shelves for easy cleaning. Although you can spot clean while they’re in the refrigerator, a deeper clean will require removal. After removing all food items, carefully remove the tray and wash it thoroughly with dish soap and water. Dry completely before re-inserting.

Clean Your Veggie Drawers

Those convenient vegetable drawers can get nasty if you forget to remove spoiled produce. In fact, most of the time, that musty smell coming from your fridge originates from the veggie drawers. To clean them, remove all items and carefully pull the drawers from the roller trays. Then place in the sink and use dish soap and hot water to wash thoroughly. After cleaning, dry entirely and re-insert.

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