Is Your Oven Causing You Trouble? Here Are A Few Common Reasons for Oven Failure

A broken oven can be extremely frustrating. It is a vital appliance in any kitchen and one you use often. There are some reasons that your oven might be failing. Identifying why your oven is giving you trouble will help you identify the issues and possibly prevent them from happening again.


Oven Thermostat Not Working Correctly

The thermostat regulates the temperature inside an oven. If it is not working correctly, the oven will heat too much or not enough. A faulty thermostat can also be the explanation for uneven cooking, failure to heat up at all, or taking a very long time to reach the selected temperature. If you notice your food is taking longer to cook or it isn’t cooking evenly, then it is time to contact a professional.

Oven Control Board Issues

An oven control board displays the current time and regulates the bake, broil, self-cleaning, and other features. It’s usually where the buttons are to turn the oven on and set the temperature. It is susceptible to short-circuits and other problems like any electrical component. However, a defective control board will usually cause more than one of the following issues:

  • The buttons to control the oven stop working correctly, but the stovetop still works fine
  • The oven turns on by itself
  • The oven doesn’t turn on at all
  • Some oven features aren’t working properly when they are selected


The inability to use an oven because it is not functioning properly can be very annoying. If you’ve had any of the problems listed above, you should probably contact an expert as soon as possible to prevent the issue from getting worse. Make sure to get in touch with Express Appliance Service today!