Keeping Your Front-Load Washer Clean

It may sound redundant to wash a washing machine, but the truth is that even a washer needs cleaning. Washing machines are one of the most used appliances in households, and all that washing can get, well, dirty. Cleaning your washing machine doesn’t take much time and can help extend the life of your appliance. Read on to learn the tips and tricks to keeping your front-load washer clean.


When should you clean your front-loading washer?

If you notice that your clothes aren’t as clean as usual or have an unusual smell, then it is probably time to clean your washing machine. Some new models will alert you when they need to be cleaned after a certain number of cycles.

How do you clean your front load washing machine?

Always clean your washer when it’s empty. Start by cleaning the detergent tray and any attachments. A natural cleaner is preferred, but even a dishcloth with soap and water will work. Using the same method, clean the gasket around the drum and the glass inside the door. For a more thorough, disinfecting clean, use a solution of diluted bleach and water. If your front-loading washer has a self-clean cycle, now is the time to use it. You can use bleach, white vinegar, or a specially made washing machine cleaner.

How often should you clean your front-loading washer?

Since washers usually run frequently, washing at least once a month is a good idea. Not only will monthly cleaning keep your front-load washer smelling fresh and looking clean, but it will help prevent mold and deterioration of all the components. A dirty washer isn’t very good at keeping your clothes clean, either!

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