What to Do When You Dryer isn’t Working

In this day and age, technology rules all. Tech is found in pretty much everything today, from your toothbrush to your kitchen; there is no place in the house safe from it. While this is usually a good thing, it can also lead to complications. And these complications can make things very complicated when trying to fix things.

Caring for your appliances also goes a long way in ensuring they last as long as they should. But even with proper care, sometimes things still stop working. One of the appliances that people commonly experience a malfunction with is a dryer, so here are some tips on what to do when your dryer isn’t working.



The first thing to do is troubleshoot the unit. Do you have power? Is the drum spinning? These are the obvious things to look for before attempting to diagnose the issue. If you do have power, check the temperature of any items you take out after the cycle is complete to make sure heat is being transferred correctly.

The Fixes

If there is no power, try unplugging the unit and plugging it back in. If that doesn’t work, look for a reset on the outlet or even the breaker. Try resetting any switches, relays, or breakers that may be in place and see if the unit now has power. If there is still no power at this point, check to make sure the outlet is working by testing other appliances on the same circuit or outlet.

If this doesn’t work, or you sense there is an electrical issue, make sure to contact an electrician.

If there is power and the drum is spinning, try the lint trap. A common problem people run into is forgetting to remove old lint. If the lint trap is clean, try checking and cleaning the vent on the back of the dryer to ensure there is no obstruction.


If the drum is suspected to be an issue, the best thing to do is consult a professional. The technology in the units today makes it very challenging to fix on your own, and you could end up doing more harm than good trying to solve it. If you are unsure or would just like professional help, give us a call today, and we can help sort out any trouble.