New Fridge Features That Need Regular Maintenance

Refrigerators have come quite a long way in the last few decades. There are so many new features that make fridges more convenient than ever. But some do require regular maintenance to keep them functioning properly. Here is a look at some new fridge features that may need regular maintenance.


Special Side Doors

There are several new fridge models with specialty drawers and side shelving. These doors work with the help of seals and levers. Some of these can become loose or unhinged with regular use. To make sure your food stays as fresh as possible, check the sealing often. Sometimes sealing can be replaced easily. However, we always recommend hiring a professional for the job.

Different Temperatures

Some new fridge features include compartments with different temperature settings. To ensure the temperatures stay where you want them to, keep the coils clean. The refrigerator’s coils are in the back near the bottom. When neglected, coils can become coated with dust, dirt, and debris. Around twice a year, pull your fridge out from the wall and clean off the coils. This will ensure more accurate temperature settings.

Water Dispensers

Water dispensers are super convenient but can become clogged or dirty without regular maintenance. Make sure you are cleaning the components of your ice and water dispensers. Also, change the filters when required.

Do Not Overfill or Underfill

Refrigerators are designed to keep food at low temps when full. If you do not have much in your fridge, it can throw off the balance. Too much food can also make it harder to keep everything cold. If you do not have much to store, throw in a couple of jugs of water to help evenly distribute the temps. If you tend to be a food hoarder, make sure you are checking your stash at least once a week and throwing away old items.


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