Appliance Maintenance The Average Person Thinks They Can Handle

Here are some appliance maintenance tasks the average person thinks they can handle but unfortunately, they are usually mistaken.


Clouded Glass Oven Door

How can you possibly get that oven door clean if you must clean in between the glass panels? It is a lot more difficult than you think. The proper way to accomplish this task involves carefully removing the door from the oven and placing it on a surface that will not damage it. Then, screws connecting the door and panel need to be removed so the door can be taken apart. Finally, the glass can be very delicately cleaned but all those parts need to go back together in perfect order again after everything is complete. One misstep can cause you to have a cleaner glass oven door, but a nonfunctional oven.

Dryer Lint Buildup

Dryer lint buildup not only could hinder the performance of your dryer, but it could also be a fire hazard. Built-up dryer lint causes over 15,000 fires every year. To prevent any problems caused by lint, it is a good idea to know how to clean your dryer’s lint drawer yourself. However, anything further than this step is more complicated than one would think. Besides checking the lint drawer before and after a load, you will also need to check your outdoor dryer exhaust frequently for buildups. Depending on the location of this exhaust you may need a ladder to reach it. During this process, many individuals forget to shut off the gas and detach the hook up prior to diving into the project of deep cleaning the dryer lint and exhaust system. This can cause many dangerous issues.


Do not try to accomplish appliance maintenance tasks that may seem easy prior to contacting a professional. If you need some guidance or would like some help with maintenance tasks, then give us a call!