Safety Tips To Teach Your Kids About Stoves and Ovens

You can help to reduce the likelihood of injuries caused by stoves or ovens by properly teaching your kids some safety tips. Here are a few really important ones!


Keep Your Child Away from Stoves and Ovens When They are On

You must make it clear to your child that it is not safe for them to approach the stove or oven when an adult uses them. If it helps, you can tell them that the kitchen is off-limits whenever you cook. This rule will probably help you finish cooking safer and faster!

No Playing or Running in The Kitchen At Any Time

In addition to the stove and oven, a kitchen poses many dangers to children. This is why it’s a good idea to set a rule that kids are not allowed to play or run through the kitchen. When a child gets into “play mode”, they may start to reach for things that aren’t their toys. This can include the knobs on a stove or the handle on the oven door. This can be very dangerous, and they should understand that as well.

Teach Your Child About Fire Safety

Many kid-friendly resources are available online to teach your child about fire safety. In fact, their favorite shows probably have episodes about the topic as well. However, you need to explain to them personally what to do in case of any fire. This includes what they should do and where they should go. Conducting fire drills like they do at school can be very helpful!


A simple reminder of the importance of being safe around a stove or oven can help to prevent any accidents. Make sure that you educate your children about these safety tips so everyone can stay safe.