4 Reasons Why Your Washing Machine is Not Working Properly

It’s not uncommon for your washing machine to stop working properly, but sometimes it can be quickly dealt with. In this blog, we will discuss four reasons why your washing machine may not be working and how to reduce the likelihood of it happening.


Wrong Machine Settings

This is the most common cause of your washing machine’s malfunction. You may have incorrectly set the temperature or spin speed for your load and fabric type. Since there are so many washing machine settings, mixing them up is very common! Double-check your settings before you start every cycle.

Broken Timer

A malfunctioning timer is one of the most common causes of a malfunctioning washing machine. The timer controls the spin and agitation speeds. When this component breaks, there is no method to control the rate at which the washer spins and agitates. As a result, your clothes will be subjected to excessive agitation and friction, which can damage them. Avoid overloading your washing machine to reduce the likelihood of breaking the timer.

Sensor Malfunction

Modern washing machines have several sensors that help them with the washing process. Pressure sensors tell how much water is in the tank, force sensors tell how much weight is in the tank, and proximity sensors tell if the door is open or closed. If any sensor isn’t working correctly, it can disrupt the entire process. This is another type of malfunction that can potentially be avoided by not overloading the machine.

Electrical Issues

Many people don’t realize how elaborate the electrical system is in a washing machine. This system has many parts – including wires, fuses, grids, microchips, and much more! Because so many parts make up this system, just one flaw in one part could cause many issues. Be sure to review the care and maintenance portion of your owner’s manual. There should be some helpful tips on how to reduce the likelihood of experiencing an electrical issue.


If your washing machine is still not operating correctly, don’t waste any more time. Call a professional technician at Express Appliance Service today!