Space Saving Fridge Tips

If your family is like the many others stocking up on groceries during the past year, you probably struggled with the amount of space in your refrigerator. Sometimes it seems like we can never have enough space in our fridges. However, not all of us have the space or the budget for a larger appliance. Here are some fridge tips that can help you make the most space in your refrigerator.


Keep an Inventory List

It is easy to forget what you have in your refrigerator and freezer if you can’t see it. Before going food shopping, take a moment to do an inventory. Throw out expired food and move foods that are expiring soon to the front of your refrigerator to be used up. If possible, use a whiteboard to keep track of what is in your fridge.

Use Both Sides of Your Shelves

Having wire shelves in your fridge or freezer makes it easy to use both sides of its shelves. You can use binder clips to hang bagged foods, like shredded cheese, leftovers in Ziploc®-type bags, or frozen vegetables. This helps save space and keeps these bags organized. If you have glass shelves, don’t worry, a handy fridge tip for you is to double your storage with under-shelf drawers that clip to your shelves.

Add a Bonus Shelf

You may have wasted space in your refrigerator in between your shelves. Lay tall items on their side and place an extra shelf above them. You can find wire shelves in most discount department or home good stores that will work for this purpose.

Use Bins to Keep Food Organized

Keeping similar items organized in bins can help make the most of the space in your refrigerator. One bonus is that you can use bins to organize your daily meals if you are into meal planning. Deep sliding bins also make it easier to reach items that are hard to get to way back in your fridge.


These space saving fridge tips can help make a smaller fridge more bearable. However, they can also help you save on your grocery bill by cutting waste, too.

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