Common Oven and Stove Parts That Can Be Easily Repaired

Ovens and stoves are some of the modern-day conveniences of your kitchen. They are the key to all the cooking experiences you can think of. Also, they make home-cooked meals great, especially when it comes to bringing family or friends together. But what happens when your oven or stove breaks down? The obvious answer is to have it repaired. However, there are common oven or stove parts that may need repair and they include:



In one case, the burner may fail to come on. If this is the case with your stove or oven, make sure to check the burner for any fault. If need be, swap it with another brand-new burner to get your stove back in operation.


An indicator is one of the most common stove parts that need frequent check and repair. Most of the time a damaged indicator will remain lit even after you’re done with cooking. This is an indication of a damaged or bad switch on your oven that needs repair or replacement.

Oven Door

When an oven door is stuck closed, it may require some repair. The damage comes about because of a misaligned self-cleaning latch, a faulty oven control, or a defective clock. All these parts should be repaired to make the door open or close normally.

A Self-Clean Latch and Function Selector

Both parts play a crucial role in promoting self-cleaning in different models of ovens and stoves. When damaged, they will cause the oven not to self-clean as usual. So, you may have to repair or replace them as soon as possible.

Broil Heating Element

A defective broil heating element will cause the oven not to heat up. Therefore, it may need a good repair or a replacement to make the oven function optimally.


The above-mentioned oven and stove parts may go wrong when these kitchen appliances get older. Frequent repair or replacement of damaged parts is necessary to make your stove and oven function well.