Sweater Dryer Cabinets and Other Unique Dryer Features

What is a sweater dryer cabinet? Well, it is a cool new feature on some new dryers. Let us look at what this unique dryer feature is capable of.


What is a dryer cabinet?

A dryer cabinet, like the one featured on The Neptune Drying Center, combines a dryer with a new feature on top. This top drying cabinet gently dries, prevents shrinking, reduces wrinkles, eliminates clutter, and saves you lots of time and energy. You can use the dryer under the cabinet as normal but have the option for much more specific features.

How does a dryer cabinet work?

The concept of a dryer cabinet is a lot like the old school method of hanging your clothes outside to dry. You hang your garments in a compartment where they are gently dried to avoid wrinkles and shrinkage. The cabinet uses fans and heating elements that use a very small amount of energy, so your clothes are dried gently while saving on utility costs. A humidity sensor alerts the system when the garments are dry, and the heating element is switched off.

What garments should be dried with a dryer cabinet?

The friction from a tumble dryer can be rough on some fabrics. A dryer cabinet works well with delicate fabrics and special garments like suits and gowns. They also work amazing on sweaters that you normally must lay flat to dry to avoid shrinkage. Anything you would normally take to a dry cleaner can be dried in a dryer cabinet.

Does a dryer cabinet take up a lot of space?

If you plan on purchasing a dryer with an included dryer cabinet, you will need some overhead space. A combined dryer and dryer cabinet unit takes up about 7-8 feet of vertical space. If you have room, a standard washer can still be installed next to it.


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