The Different Types of Washers and Dryers

If you’re in the market for a new washer or dryer, the countless different options out there can be overwhelming to sort through. When it comes to picking a new home appliance of any kind, the three things to consider are budget, space available, and efficiency. Read on to learn about the different washers and dryers and which one is best for your home.


Top Loading vs. Front Loading Washing Machines

The top-loading vs. front-loading debate isn’t just about appearances. In most studies, front-loading washers tend to get clothes cleaner than their top-loading counterparts. This is because top loaders use agitators while front loaders tumble the entire contents of the cleaning basin. Clothes in a front-loading washer are constantly moving in all directions instead of just back and forth. Because of this, the soap and water are more evenly distributed. However, top-loading washers tend to be more budget-friendly. Owners of newer top-loading models will be happy to know that the cleaning power of agitators has drastically improved over the last several years.

Dryer Capacity

Most dryers are front loading. There are many different size options and an electric or gas option. Whether you choose electric or gas will depend on your setup at home, and both options will have the same features. Gas dryers will save you a little in energy bills and are considered the more economical option. The bigger the dryer capacity, the higher the price tag. But it’s important to keep in mind that more drying capacity means fewer loads and less energy to dry them.

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