The Cycles on Your Dishwasher

You probably hit the same buttons on your dishwasher every time and never think twice. Sure, the “Normal” cycle will usually cover your bases and get your dishes clean. But do you know what the other cycles do? Read on to learn more about the cycles on your dishwasher and when to use them.


Normal Cycle

Almost every dishwasher model has a “normal” setting. This cycle is safe to use daily to wash and dry everyday dishes after an average use. It can easily clean leftover messes without using extra water, high heat, or long cycle times. When in doubt, go with the normal cycle.

Quick Wash

The quick wash cycle, or 1-Hour cycle, is perfect to use when you have a load of slightly dirty dishes you need in a hurry. For example, if you just opened a box of brand-new plates or have a set of dusty cocktail glasses you’d like to use for a party, this is the perfect setting. This cycle uses more water and higher heat than a normal cycle, so it cleans faster.

Heavy Duty

When you have a load of super dirty dishes, it’s time for the Heavy Duty or Pots and Pans setting. This cycle is for when you have greasy, messy casserole dishes, plates, or silverware that just needs a little extra to get them clean. It uses the highest heat setting and extra water to get the job done. A heavy-duty cycle uses more energy, so it should be reserved for occasional use.

Delicate or Light Wash

Nervous about putting your fancy wine glasses in the dishwasher? Use the Delicate or Light Wash setting. This cycle uses less water, low heat, and a shorter time to wash your delicate dishes gently. It’s perfect for thin glassware, crystal, or other delicate tableware items.

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