The Steam Cycles on Your Laundry Machines – Are They Worth It?

If you have shopped for a new washing machine recently, you have likely seen that some models now offer a steam option. These models are a bit more expensive than other laundry machines. While steam might seem like a nice feature to have, you might be wondering if the feature is worth the additional cost. Here we will explain that the answer depends on your budget and your cleaning needs.


What Do Steam Cycles Do?

If you own a floor steamer, you know that steam can clean and sanitize hard surfaces. A washing machine equipped with a steam cycle uses a combination of water and steam to clean fabrics by making your detergent work better. It can also sanitize fabrics and help remove wrinkles depending on when the cycle is used. For example:

  • During pre-wash, the steam cycle helps the water better penetrate the fabrics.
  • During the wash cycle, the steam helps improve the detergent’s cleaning power by dissolving it better.
  • During post-wash cycles, steam can sanitize and remove any hard wrinkles during washing.

When Does it Make Sense to Buy a Washer with Steam?

You can expect to pay a bit more for laundry machines that offer steam cycles. The good news is that the option is becoming more mainstream, especially with models meant for home use. A washer equipped with steam cycles is worth it if you:

  • Have kids, especially those who participate in outdoor sports
  • Frequently need to pretreat or pre-soak clothing to remove stains
  • Have health concerns, such as allergies to dust mites or are concerned about exposure to bacteria

Keep in mind that you need to be careful and pay attention to what fabrics you wash while using your washer’s steam function. Steam can damage some materials, so be sure to pay attention to fabric care labels.


Whatever model of laundry machine you choose, Express Appliance Service is always available if you need to repair it!