Things You Shouldn’t Put On Your Glass Top Stove

Taking care of your glass top stove seems easy at first glance; however, you begin to realize how complicated the process is. While it’s possible to reverse most effects resulting from damages, preventative measures can help you avoid the damages in the first place. Here is a list of some things you shouldn’t put on your glass top stove. They include:


Placing hot lids on cool stovetops while face-down

Extreme temperature differences between hot and cold items can cause damage. In short, placing a very hot lid on cool glass top stoves could damage the glass. Be mindful of this as you choose a location to place a hot item on. Keep pot holders or trivets handy whenever you are cooking.

Heavy cookware

It would be best to be extremely cautious when using heavy cookware (including those made from cast iron or ceramic) with your glass top stove. More importantly, it would help if you didn’t place them on the stovetop when you aren’t using them. While cooking with them, don’t slide them on the glass surface and be careful when lifting and placing them back down.

It’s important to note that glass top stoves have a weight limit. Keep this in mind if you consider using the surface as additional counter space. You should not only avoid putting heavy objects on the surface, but no objects should ever be stored on the surface.

Dirty pans and utensils

Placing dirty cooking utensils directly onto your glass top stove could result in additional damage. You should use spoon/utensil rests as you would on a gas stove. This helps prevent damage to the glass, and it will be easier to clean later.


Keep these tips in mind, and you will certainly reduce the chances of damaging your glass top stove. If you have any issues with your stove, give Express Appliance Service a call!