Tips for Measuring a Space for a New Appliance

Nothing is more frustrating than ordering a new appliance only to have it not fit in your space. That is why it is imperative to measure your space carefully before buying any home appliance. But certain spaces can be tricky to measure if you are not keeping certain things in mind. Here are some tips for measuring a space for a new appliance.


Always Measure Twice

When it comes to new appliances, never take your chances. Double and triple check your measurements. Even as much as a half inch mistake can be the difference between an appliance fitting in your home or not. Each appliance will need its own specific set of measurements. So, if you are not sure what exactly you are measuring for, check out the online specifications for the appliance you are buying.

Measure for Height, Width and Length

If you are buying a new oven, you will need to not only make sure it will fit in the space, but also that it will not come out too far from your countertop line. For this reason, you will need to know the height, width, and length of the space available. Also, keep in mind that you will need enough space for the door of the appliance to clear. So, when shopping for appliances, make sure to note which direction the door opens and how far it clears.

Make Sure You Can Get Your New Appliance Inside

It is not just the space your new appliance will go in that you need to measure. You also need to make sure it will fit inside your doors! Measure any door opening or hallway that you will need to carry your new appliance through. Especially pay attention if you need to bring an appliance up or down a stairway.


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