Why Should I Repair My Dishwasher Instead of Just Getting A New One?

Are you tired of washing dishes by hand because your dishwasher isn’t working? If so, you are probably deciding between having it fixed or purchasing a new one. Before making a decision, you should consider a few factors. Here are some things to keep in mind.


Happy with Your Current Dishwasher or Not

If you enjoy the features of the dishwasher you have, then getting it repaired is something you should consider. Otherwise, you should consider purchasing a new dishwasher.


If your dishwasher is still under a brand warranty, fixing it is probably your most economical option. This could be complicated depending on the wording and policies of the warranty provided by the dishwasher’s manufacturer. However, a repair is probably your best option if it is covered under a warranty.


Repairing a dishwasher can be less expensive than purchasing a replacement. New dishwashers can be pricey, so repair may be your best option if you can’t afford a brand-new one. Contact a professional to diagnose your issue and get a quote to repair it.

Life Expectancy

Most dishwashers are built for longevity. Manufacturers test them thoroughly because they know that some will need to handle multiple cycles daily. However, they do eventually break down. If you purchased a brand-new model that malfunctioned within the first few years, it’s probably best to pursue a repair. However, if it is an older model, it may be at the end of its life expectancy – and purchasing a new one may be the best option.


Unless your heart is set on a new machine, getting a professional diagnosis and quote to repair your dishwasher is probably worth your time. Contact Express Appliance Service today to start the process!